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Innovation Business Accelerator (InnovBA) specializes in providing services to assist companies in their internationalization needs, especially to accelerate growth in the innovation technology sectors.


InnovBA’s clients represent a broad range of private organizations, including foreign companies expanding to the Asia Pacific (APAC) region and Chinese companies going abroad.

InnovBA consulting team works closely with foreign trade commissions, dedicated APAC network of professionals, and alliance of experienced international consultants.

Our Team


​“Ensure business deals are beneficial for and relevant to the clients.”


Companies and brands are constantly looking to expand into new markets, whether it is mainland China or internationally. Many challenges arise:


  • How to do business locally?

  • Whether your products and services are suitable?

  • Who are your local and international competitors?

  • How to market your products and services online or offline or both? 

  • Whether to build your own operation team and what are the challenges?

  • Whether to partner with local distributors ... 



“Enter right market with right business model and right partner at the right time.”


The company specializes in helping companies and brands to solve their internationalization problems, and expand smoothly into new markets. Our portfolio of services:


  • Global Business Growth Plan

  • China Business Growth Plan

  • Prospective Market Study

  • Test Drive

  • Business Sales Channels Development

  • Partnerships Development, Identification and Evaluation

  • Direct Sales

  • Interim Management



Information & Communications Technologies (ICT)

Life Sciences & Food Industries

Clean Technologies​





Room 21, 2/F International Trade Centre
11-19 Sha Tsui Road
Tsuen Wan, NT
Hong Kong



News & Publications
China Business Growth



InnovBA is pleased to launch 2 service programs catered for the rapidly growing China eCommerce market which maybe interesting to your export clients: 

  • Test Drive - China eCommerce Market, and

  • China eCommerce Partners Groupr.


Global Business Growth



Skene Games Outbreak 4.9.2012 Eric Cheng, Entertaining China opportunities and challenges


Partnerships Development



Customer Relationship Excellence (CRE) & Customer Service Quality Standard (CSQS) Leadership Summit 2012


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