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“Help produce measurable results across range of key sectors.”



At InnovBA, we understand each industry has its own issues, opportunities and special challenges in respective region.


Through years of industry-focused education and hands on experience, locally and internationally, our professionals have gained an in-depth understanding of a range of key industries and the issues faced by each, as well as an extensive professional network to facilitate businesses. 


Information & Communications Technologies (ICT)
  • Software and digital media

  • Internet and mobile

  • Telecommunications

  • Electronics and consumer products

  • Direct sales and channel distribution


Life Sciences & Food Industries
  • Medical Device and Consumable

  • Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology

  • Food and Beverage (Branded Products and FMCG)

  • Nutrition and Food Sciences

  • CRO co-operation


Clean Technologies
  • Environmental monitoring

  • Energy conservation

  • Emission control

  • Water treatment

  • Direct sales and channel distribution


  • International and mainland China

  • Brand FMCG

  • Niche products

  • Saas

  • Online and O2O


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