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“Enter right market with right business model and right partner at the right time.” 
International Growth Plan


  1. Confirm client's core competences, critical success factors, key customer segments, and value chain.

  2. Identify most potential target market Segment

  3. Define client’s SBAs (strategic business areas) for internationalization

  4. Identify and prioritize target markets (regions or countries)

  5. Construct value Proposition for each SBA: need, approach, benefits, competition

  6. Develop client’s offering from the end-user point of view 


Prospective Market Study 


  1. Define most important criteria of an optimal market

  2. Rank market’s potential

  3. Business Opportunity Check

  4. Prioritize market potential


Study Tour

  1. Cater program for visiting group.

  2. Visit local governmental agencies, relevant local and local office of foreign companies to learn about doing business in destinations

  3. Share and network with local and local office of foreign companies

  4. Optional specific business meeting arrangements 

  5. Optional relevant trade show visit arrangements

  6. Recap and summarize learnings

Test Drive

  1. Elaborate client's business concept

  2. Develop value propositions for the customer segments 

  3. Interview potential customers, partners and industry experts

  4. Analyze interview findings

  5. Define possible business opportunities 

  6. Report and recommend client


Test Drive - China eCommerce Market

  1. Clients' product assessment program for China eCommerce market

  2. InnovBA will

  • Work with Client to complete a) competitor profile, b) market profile, c) product profile, and d) questionnaire for potential target consumers

  • Conduct a) online research and competitor profile

  • [Optional] conduct b) mobile survey, c) live survey, and d) test sale survey

  • SWOT analysis of both client's and competitor's product

  • Product assessment conclusion

  • Market entry recommendation


Sales Channels Development 


  1. Examine target market environment

  2. Assess end-Customer demand Assessment 

  3. Develop client’s value proposition for end-customers

  4. Define channel structure

  5. Define list of criteria for ideal partner

  6. Define partner’s role, cooperation responsibilities, and target

  7. Develop partnership value proposition

  8. Create joint marketing plan template


Partner Identification and Evaluation 

  1. Define ideal partner criteria

  2. Identify long list of potential partners

  3. Screen long list of potential partners and create short list

  4. Define partnership joint action plan with client

  5. Visit and interview short listed partners and select partner

  6. Develop joint offering for partner

  7. Shift responsibility to partner

  8. Define monitoring and reporting procedures for partnership


China eCommerce Partners Group

  1. Free-to-join international products consortium group organized to enter and/or expand into the China e-commerce market

  2. InnovBA will:

  • Provide experienced manager(s)

  • Provide regular China e-commerce market updates

  • Identify opportunities for group offerings to potential e-commerce partners in China

  • Prepare complementary products with competitive pricing as well as appropriate variety of choices from interested companies to formulate respective group offering for each potential e-commerce partner

  • Provide business development

  • Provide “No Sales, No Fee” services

  • Provide other fee-based consulting services to individual company when requested​


Direct Sales

  1. Examine target market to identify demand and competition

  2. Identify end-customers and their buying behaviors

  3. Develop end user offering

  4. Define ideal customer profile

  5. Develop long list of potential customers

  6. Screen long list of potential partners and create short list

  7. Prepare business negotiation material for clients to visit target customers

  8. Optional: engage InnovBA consultant to act as temporary sales representative


Sales Accelerator


  1. Understand client’s current channel structure

  2. Rank channel partners and identify problems

  3. Understand challenges in managing the partnerships

  4. Prepare material to interview channel partners and end-customers

  5. Interview channel partners and end-customers

  6. Analyze key findings, and prepare conclusions and recommend suitable sales accelerator actions 


Interim Management


  1. Understand client’s expansion plan

  2. Diagnose and identify challenges

  3. Agree on terms and deliverables

  4. Develop sales plan and timelines

  5. Deliver against plan and agreed milestones

  6. Prepare succession plan and exit


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