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INNOVO.LIFE Value Propositions
Save Life
  • Clear and concise patient health dashboard of relevant clinical details without the distraction from overwhelming healthcare data

  • Intelligent medical grade algorithm driven to deliver safer and smarter clinical decision as well as more impactful health data

  • Efficient and accurate catered to produce trusted data with professional reliability for swift clinical actions

Save Money
  • Easy access to patient-generated health data which enable healthcare providers to improve care coordination and treatment outcomes, reduce overall costs, better manage and engage their users/patients pool

  • Smarter data consolidation in facilitating seamless patient record sharing between public and private healthcare settings and delivery systems

  • Trust-worthy consolidation system for client loyalty program and referral, also enable healthcare partners to create standardized approach to personalized remote monitoring

Save Time
  • Hassle-free cloud-based backend platform secured by block chain technology for managing access and integrating your patients’ personal health data

  • No more manual data input and clumsy CRM

  • Innovo platform simplifies personal health data collection, supports most clinical grade wearables and monitoring devices, analyzes and derives meaningful insights from your users/patients pool

IL thermo.JPG
Easy for your colleagues
to monitor and analyze healthcare data
IL alarm.JPG
Easy for your patients
to prevent health problems and take proactive actions
IL magni.JPG
Easy for your researchers
to access relevant continuous real time health data for research and development
INNOVO healthcare MAPPING provides continuous patient data to support your organization in:
  1. Health condition Monitor and Analysis,

  2. Healthcare Prevention and Proactive advisories,

  3. Research of health Innovation, Nutrition and Genetics

Consolidated Clinical & Self-Health Data
Focus - Medical Conditions
Cardiovascular Diseases

Stroke, Hypertension, Arrhythmia, Atrial Fibrillation

Respiratory Disorders

Asthma, COPD, IPF, Pneumonitis, Obstructive Sleep Apnea

Endocrine Disorders

Diabetes, Osteoporosis

Vital Signs, Physiological Parameters and more ...
Focus - Medical Conditions

Professional big data analytics of medical and health data for healthcare providers

Enhanced remote monitoring capabilities with impactful dashboards to create an integrated seamless experience with existing systems and solutions

Cloud-based platform for the aggregation of medical and health data secured by blockchain technology

Advanced Artificial Intelligence (AI) and self-learning capabilities algorithm for personalized healthcare and nutrition.

Focus - Regional Networks
Strategic Growth & Penetration
Unrivaled Industries Knowledge


Years of Experience of Digital Transformation & Big Data Analytics, Medical Devices Distribution, Life Sciences & IT Healthcare Consulting in Asia


Successful Market Entry and Penetration of ICT, Life Science and IoMT Projects in Asia


% Market Share Achieved for a Portfolio of Medical Devices and Clinical Projects

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